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This has been a time of change for all of us! 

For the first time in 30 years, our office suddenly changed from a bustling center of restorative and cosmetic dentistry into a quiet, emergency-only clinic. Since March, our leadership team has tirelessly worked to stay up-to-date with the latest information and technology. Our team attended video conferences, webinars, and digital CE events galore so that we would be ready to see our patients as soon as restrictions lifted. 

While things were quiet, we installed new technology and safety-features in the office, and we have enacted some new policies since re-opening in May! Here are some of the things that we're doing to keep everyone safe and healthy:

Changes for Patients

ALL patients must wear a mask when not in the operatory. We are following medical facility guidelines regarding masking protocols.

Patients must fill out a COVID screening form prior to every appointment

Patients and guests must have a temperature screening before entering the operatory

Patients have the option to wait in their car and be called in for appointments

Patients cannot bring food or drink to their appointments

We ask that Patients limit visitors to their appointments.

Office Measures: 

Multiple air-purifiers with HEPA filters running 24/7

Plexiglass barriers in non-clinical areas where patients interact with team members

Extra-oral high-speed suction machines with HEPA filters in each operatory for use during aerosol-generating procedures

Daily employee temperature, contact, and symptom screenings

HEPA vacuum to be used for carpet cleaning

Regular cleaning of high-touch common areas (Doorknobs, light switches, sink handles, countertops, etc)

Germicidal UV lights in our HVAC Systems to compliment our MERV 13 filters. 

80% Ethyl Alcohol Hand Sanitizer

Clinical Team PPE Changes:

N95 Masks available to all team members

Face Shields

Fluid Resistant Gowns

Eye Protection

Office-specific footwear

There is so much more that we do already here at the office to keep everyone safe- these are just the new additions! If you have any questions about our sanitation and disinfection protocols at any point, any person on our team will be able to answer them for you.

Stay well, and we'll see you soon!